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As part of its strategic communications role on the statewide California COVID-19 Task Force, LPA worked with physician leaders from the California Department of Public Health to deliver a highly targeted and strategically curated public awareness ad campaign aimed at dispelling widely held misconceptions and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. With a focus on the most vulnerable audiences – communities of color and vaccine-hesitant populations – the myth busters campaign reached nearly 600,000 Californians with its highly targeted fact-over-myth approach delivered by trusted, credible messengers.

Strategic Approach

LPA developed a “myth busting” digital ad campaign plan utilizing campaign messaging delivered by highly credible state physicians, community health experts and community-based organizations (CBOs). We carefully crafted various pieces of content in Spanish and English, including video content and developed campaign branding. This effort required coordination with the CBOs, the California Department of Public Health and Facebook. CBOs were selected to prioritize target audiences, including Californians who live in rural areas, speak languages other than English and had lower than average vaccination rates.



Our myth busters ad campaign reached nearly 600,000 Californians. The effort uplifted the campaign’s partner CBOs and other trusted messengers while driving a key objective of the overall VA58 campaign: combatting dangerous misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine to help increase vaccination rates in vulnerable communities that would otherwise not have access to in-language, culturally relevant information. The myth busters also helped the CBOs increase the visibility of their own efforts to vaccinate their communities.