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The California Electric Transportation Coalition (CalETC) partnered with LPA on a public affairs campaign to advance public and private sector programs and policies and build out the charging infrastructure necessary to support California’s electric vehicle transition over the next decade and beyond.

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Strategic Approach

After developing the initial framework and providing strategic counsel on its membership composition, LPA helped convene, coordinate and facilitate the California Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strike Force (Strike Force) with key public and private stakeholders from government, industry, academia, labor and equity groups.

The Strike Force’s charter contained four clear goals:

  1. Establishing high-level charging infrastructure goals for 2030;
  2. Ensuring adequate and reliable financing and funding to achieve equitable infrastructure goals;
  3. Overseeing the analysis of the jobs creation potential resulting from the build-out of charging infrastructure to support the equitable transition to a zero-emission mobility future; and
  4. Defining “equity” within the context of the Strike Force’s work to develop strategies ensuring that charging infrastructure is accessible to all Californians.

The Strike Force assembled workgroups dedicated to each of these goals, and LPA worked closely with workgroup leaders to elevate their ongoing tasks. LPA also coordinated with select Strike Force participants to develop messaging needed to communicate complex issues with a broad audience of interested stakeholders.

LPA provides ongoing strategic counsel to the Strike Force on how best to navigate the intersection of politics, policy and communication as it continues to advocate for the funding necessary to support our state’s electric vehicle transition.


In 2021 the Strike Force set high-level charging infrastructure goals for 2030, helped secure the single largest appropriation for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in California’s history and developed a comprehensive assessment of the economic opportunity associated with the build-out of that infrastructure.

With more important work still to be done, LPA continues to play a key role in coordinating and facilitating future Strike Force discussions and developing the messaging and communication needed to support the Strike Force’s efforts.

Client Testimonial

“LPA provided us with the strategic counsel and facilitation we needed to manage and maintain a broad coalition of public and private sector leaders and stakeholders. The LPA team has been an integral part of our efforts to advance accessible, equitable and affordable electric vehicle infrastructure for all.

The California 2021 budget included an unprecedented and essential level of support for electric vehicles and infrastructure to reach the State’s ambitious climate change and air quality goals; LPA was an important partner in gaining this support in the Legislature and with the Governor.”

– Eileen Wenger Tutt, Executive Director, California Electric Transportation Coalition and Electric Transportation Community Development Corporation