• Strategic Communications

    The foundation of any successful communications campaign is a sound strategy. We evaluate an issue’s potential outcomes, determine who or what may influence those outcomes and then take action to best position our clients within that landscape.

  • Political Public Affairs

    Public policy decisions encompass a broad range of influences and environmental factors. LPA helps clients navigate all of those influences and factors on local, regional and statewide levels.

  • Issue & Reputation Management

    Reputation is not by accident. Issue and reputation management requires commitment and a proactive approach to stay ahead of developments that can impact perceptions, positioning or business objectives.

  • Crisis Communications

    In the event that a crisis does arise, LPA is expertly equipped to chart a course of action that will help a client control the message, protect their reputation and identify options for moving forward.

  • Media Relations

    We have a proven record of developing and executing successful earned media programs to protect and enhance a client’s reputation, manage issues they may be facing, improve their relationship with the press, and drive coverage when and in the manner that makes most sense.

  • Social Media

    A successful social media strategy is a key component of effective public affairs or media campaigns. LPA is innovative, savvy and experienced in guiding clients through the evolving and important online environment.