• Strategic Communications

    The foundation of successful communication is sound strategy. We evaluate an issue’s potential outcomes, determine who or what might influence those outcomes and then move to best position our clients within that landscape.

  • Political Public Affairs

    Public policy decisions encompass a broad range of influences and environmental factors. LPA is considered a key strategic partner by many lobbyists because we have a keen understanding of the public policy processes and associated politics and can promote a client’s agenda at the local, regional and statewide levels.

  • Issue & Reputation Management

    Reputation is not built by chance. Issues and reputation management requires commitment and a proactive approach to stay ahead of developments that can impact perceptions, positioning or business objectives.

  • Crisis Communications

    In the event of a crisis, LPA is expertly equipped to chart a course of action that will help a client shape the message, safeguard its reputation and identify options for moving forward. Equally important to navigating the crisis is being prepared for one before it occurs. LPA works together with clients on scenario planning and preparation to help minimize the impact of potential future events.

  • Media Relations

    We have a proven record of developing and executing successful earned media programs to protect and enhance a client’s reputation, manage issues they may be facing, improve their relationship with the press, and drive coverage when and in the manner that makes most sense.

  • Social Media

    A successful social media strategy is a key component of effective public affairs or media campaigns. LPA is innovative, savvy and experienced in guiding clients through the evolving organic and paid online environment.

  • Training

    LPA provides a variety of on-camera media and message training for clients who interact with the press and participate in hearings or briefings with legislators and other stakeholders.

  • LPA Design

    Creating compelling visuals that align with a client’s strategic objectives and help elevate their work are key to making any message resonate. LPA offers a full-service, in-house design studio to develop memorable and highly relevant visual and digital design products.