• Strategic Communications

    The foundation of successful communication is sound strategy. Our strategy-driven approach starts with listening and helping our clients define success. We then work together to map out and execute a clear and concise action plan to achieve the client’s priority goals and objectives.

  • Political Public Affairs

    Many clients come to us because they face legislative and/ or regulatory hurdles that require a highly strategic and tailored communications and outreach approach in support of a lobbying strategy.

  • Issue & Reputation Management

    Reputation is not built by chance. Issues and reputation management requires commitment and a proactive approach to stay ahead of developments that can impact perceptions, positioning or business objectives. Clients seek our help when facing or seeking change of some sort – an organizational or competitive challenge, a policy decision, a strategic opportunity or a crisis of confidence.

  • Crisis Communications

    In the event of a crisis, LPA is expertly equipped to quickly chart a course of action that will help a client shape the message, safeguard its reputation and identify options for moving forward. Equally important to navigating the crisis is being prepared for one before it occurs. LPA works together with clients on scenario planning and preparation to help minimize the impact of potential future crises.

  • Digital Communications

    A successful digital strategy is a key component of effective public affairs or media campaigns. LPA is innovative, savvy and experienced in guiding clients through the evolving organic and paid online environments to help create a surround-sound approach for any campaign through social media, digital marketing, email marketing, websites and content creation.

  • Training

    LPA’s team includes a deep bench of experienced consultants who offer a breadth of training seminars to help our corporate, nonprofit and government entity clients build internal capacity and capability.

  • LPA Design

    Creating compelling visuals that align with a client’s strategic objectives and elevate their work are key to making any message resonate with its audience. LPA offers a full-service, in-house design studio to develop memorable and highly relevant visual and digital design products.